Here are different pictures of the steps needed to build your Dandy Ball,
100% handmade by Vietnamese artisans.

Our approach

It all starts with the coming of our first cat : Gaston. We tried to find the necessary stuff for him to live in our flat : a bed, a litter box, a cat tree, etc…which could offer him comfort without ruining our home decoration. Unfortunately, our search was unsuccessful : pet comfort and design rarely go hand in hand.
That’s where the idea came from : why wouldn’t we design those objects by ourselves, so that they could match our cat’s needs and ours at the same time ? Quite a challenge !
The fisrt phase of reflection led us to the choice of a nice, solid, light and sustainable material : bamboo. Then we logically headed towards the civilization of bamboo : Vietnam.
Our designer drew the blueprints of our ideas and we went several times to Vietnam, looking for craftsmen and workshops that were able and wishing to make our dream come true. We finally selected a workshop in the North of Hanoi, which was meeting our expectations. We mainly chose this workshop because we could see they respect the working conditions of the craftsmen.
Today, after 16 months, we are ready to propose you our first products, coming from our ambitious gamble and a strong collaboration with our Vietnamese partners.
At the moment, you can only find 2 kinds of beds in our collection, in different colors. But a litter box and a cat tree are coming soon !

Dandy Cat et l’éthique

We have carefully selected a production workshop which takes care of their workers. We visited them different times and we have now built a trusting relationship with them. This allows us to point out some important values :
– No children’s work guaranteed.
– A decent salary.
– Respect of the working time.
– Respect of the working conditions, in ventilated rooms, with no use of harmuf products for the workers’ health.

Bamboo : eco-friendly material

Bamboo is not a tree but a kind of reed. Its growing doesn’t need fertilizer nor pesticides. It’s one of the most CO2 absorber and oxygen releaser plant. Bamboo grows so fast that it doesn’t cause deforestation, and its dense network of roots also allows water to seep deeply into the soil. Bamboo is completely sustainable and its waste and sawdust are even used to produce organic fertilizer for agriculture.
Today bamboo is worldwidely considered as THE sustainable material of the 21st century.

Vietnam : country of traditions

Every product of our collection is hand-made by Vietnamese craftsmen.
In Vietnam, handicraft is organized in corporations, which are specific to some villages. This allows the developpment of the rural economy. Most of the workers are women and their job and salary increase the standard of living of many rural families.
The manufacture and exportation of bamboo objects have already led many villages to the way out of poverty.
Close to their traditional and environmental heritage, Vietnamese people can use what nature offers them. That’s why their handicraft naturally and obviously correspond to the ecological concerns of western countries.